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Thursday, March 25, 2021

And last but not least Beamer

I just couldn’t help myself, I mean look at this cutie and the bloodline and that colour!!! Beamer is once again from my good friends Kevin and Leanne at Sunnyhill Alpacas boy do I wish they didn’t live so far away so we could exchange more breedings and drinks lol!!! They have an incredible program and I am lucky to have a small part of it. Back to Beamer he has Conopa (one of my all time favourite bloodlines to play with) on the dams side and his sire is a handsome grey male called Diablo. Beamers is a gorgeous male with all the good stuff a high quality fleece is made of. He has correct confirmation and is a sweetie. My whole herd is sweet easy to handle and just a joy to have. I have had some hard to handle miserable ones in the past, but have slowly weeded them out over the years. Getting of track let’s talk about his colour, I’m not exactly sure what the correct name is, he is registered as a light silver grey. I have heard the word lavender fawn used and whichever it is Beamer definitely has a lavender, or lilac or purple hue to his fleece. I was at a show a couple years ago and saw Snowmass Divine Loves fleece laid out in all its glory it was the most beautiful colour. I brought a tiny sample home and have hung on to it. Beamer is the exact colour, I placed both side by side and they are identical, how cool is that! Divine Love is out of Conopa so it’s not surprising. Anyways Beamer will be 2 years this spring and we are going to have a lot of fun figuring out who to breed him to, even if we don’t get that unique colour his quality is sure to make something great!!! Stay tuned